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A second medical opinion not validates the nature of your diagnosis; it gives you the assurance that the treatment plan suggested is right for you. Most importantly, it gives you more options and puts you in control of your treatment.

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Our experts will review your reports, look into your medical history, test results and provide a comprehensive personalized assessment of the existing diagnosis and treatment plan devised for you. Our physicians will address all your concerns, answer specific questions and suggest alternative treatment if required. A second opinion from Dr. Rani Bhat will enables you to make an informed decision, give you peace of mind and make your journey more comfortable.

Dr. RaniBhat enables you to consult one-on-one with the most skilled and experienced Gynecological Oncologist doctors in Bangalore, India for your second opinion. Use the connection to get the best advice related to your diagnosis and treatment options. Make a comprehensive list of the questions you would like to ask them. The online consultation gives you a measure of anonymity in delicate situations.