What patients say about Dr. Rani Bhat

Lots of thankful patients who speak on behalf of us. Hear them out

We met Dr. Rani Bhat at a time when we were going through the shock, confusion & hopelessness that is often the first reaction to cancer. My mother’s biopsy report had just come in and she had cervical carcinoma. But meeting her literally changed everything. After the very first visit, we came out reassured that she was in the best hands in Bangalore, and possibly India. Throughout the surgery, and now continuing treatment, she has been patient in hearing her issues, extremely generous with her time, and most importantly very positive. I remember her spending more than 2 hours with my mom at her bedside on the Diwali day, just to pep her up, and give her company! Thanks to her, my mom is in great health today. We had heard so many good things about her earlier, from the medical community itself. There is nothing more to add about her competency. My mother’s statement probably sums it up best ” I felt as if God spoke to me and took care of me through Rani”

Aunindo Ghosh

After being diagnosed with cancer I was refereed to HCG Hospital in Bangalore. During my stay I had come across many doctors in which were all proficient in their roles. It’s one thing for a doctor to treat a condition but it’s another to treat and heal the patient who is suffering from the condition and heal their doubts too.

This is why I consider doctor Rani Bhat in which performed my robotic operation, one amongst the most skillful and competent professional I’ve ever come across in life. I must admit although, I was holistically prepared for whatever was yet to come, I feared the operation the most, in her proficient ways she allowed me to build a trusting relationship with her, enabling me to feel secure and at ease with having the operation. she was always ready to help and support not only me but other patients too. Her acts towards patient showing clearly how devoted she was, overall she had really inspired me to lead on my normal life and get back on my two feet. She is someone you would like to be with. To me she is a shoulder to cry and very down to earth person. She is always there to help. I’m grateful for such opportunity and would happily recommend doctor Rani Bhat to many. I feel confident to say that one will never regret, you will thank me later.

Cecilia Mpande

Hi. I am Dr. Vibhawari, a junior colleague of Dr. Rani and thus have been a witness of the kind of care love and compassion with which she treats her patients. But I could understand what it actually is only when i became her patient and had to undergo one minor surgery. I would like to say that i felt highly privileged to be her patient. To tell the truth I don’t have words to express how she cared for me. She became a guardian a friend in addition to being my surgeon. I don’t have words to express but still I would like to say that I have not seen such a compassionate caring knowledgeable and down to earth person ever in my life. She is just an amazing person. God bless her. My whole family and I would like to thank her for everything that she did for me. Thank you ma’am. I know that these words are very small but still i tried to do so by writing this testimonial.

Vibhawari Dhakharia

Dr. Rani is a very skilled doctor, also a very kind warm patient and considerate human being. Answers all your queues and gives lot of comfort. Clearly one of the best doctors I have come across. May her tribe increase!

Savitha Narasimhan

Dr. Rani is one of the best doctors our family has met. We were fortunate to find her for my mother’s treatment. Her kind, loving and comforting demeanor instantly puts you at ease and gives you the confidence that your are in good hands and everything will be well. I believe this level of trust is as important as the doctor’s medical expertise and skill. She connects with the patient and family, gets completely involved, and gives as much precious time as required, patiently explaining the details and providing answers for all the queries. She makes you feel like part of family that you can reach out to anytime. Thank you doctor for the treatment, love and care you provided. I hope all patients in need get as lucky as us and find you as their doctor!

Payal Gupta

I am always happy to see Dr. Rani. She’s been a life-saver for me since my first visit. Dr. Rani is always very courteous and professional. Never felt rushed. Doctor I just want to say that “You worked silently, selflessly, kindly, carefully and lovingly for my mother. We don’t know what to call you ……. kind doctor, angel or mercy or selfless servant of God? Your selfless efforts are just beyond words……….” The best experience I’ve ever had with a gynecologist. I would highly recommend her to others.

Mrs. G. Bangalore

Dr. Rani is the Angel that came into my life 3 years ago when she accepted to take me as her patient. I was terrified of the word cancer and I knew nothing about uterine cancer. She reassured me, took the time to explain what she would do. I was really impressed, she treated me like a person, and not just another file to take care of, and she saved my life. Dr. Rani is a very thoughtful person; she cares a lot and makes you feel as a friend and not as a patient. She is unbelievably busy but she will never rush you. I would just like to say that she’s #1 no better than her around….. 🙂 God bless her.

Mrs. F

Hi this is Feroza here, would like to share my ordeal in the hospitals which had ruined my life since 2010. I have been visiting all the best of the hospitals and the so called the best of the Doctors in Bangalore to hear one good news that we can cure you…..but everybody experimented their level best to cure me which all went in vein …my health started deteriorating day by day, my pain become worst and my bleeding couldn’t be stopped with any medicine, they tried D&C….still nothing worked for me that’s where one day my gynecologist asked us to do a blood test called CA 125….next day morning went to hospital to meet the doctor with the same casual visit…suddenly we could feel something is not good by looking at the Doctor she was all the more panicked seeing my report the CA 125 level has elevated to 3000+ …seeing her face I got worried and asked her what happened? She was all the more tensed and told me to do one MRI. I thought something is really wrong and we had a nightmare till we did our MRI. Once the MRI report is out we were little relaxed but then still she was worried why was my CA 125 elevated. This time she asked me to consult an Oncologist as soon as I heard the word Oncologist I thought my life is gone…that’s where I got the reference of Dr.Rani Bhat. We went to meet her in the hospital.

She started looking at my report and with full confidence she said “Hey” this is not cancer, nothing to worry, she spoke to me and my husband at length explaining about my condition. I could feel divinity in her… she spoke to me like an angel, gave me full confidence and that made me to blindly believe her. I underwent total hysterectomy on 9th of March 2015. Mark my words Dr.Rani Bhat is a wonderful gift of God she called me at least 20 times before and after my surgery explained me all the procedures step by step …. I was seeing this angel for the first time and a Doctor calling her patient and asking how are you feeling now, I had never come across a doctor calling their patients after discharge. She is simply superb and we are really lucky to have you as our FAMILY /FRIENDLY Doctor we LOVE you Doctor from our heart.

Feroza Begum

My mum is a patient of Dr Rani Bhat undertaking treatment for carcinoma ovary. We were in depression when we came to know about her disease. But Dr Rani Bhat convinced and consoled us. My mum underwent a HIPEC surgery of 9 hours under Dr Rani Bhat. My mum had several problems even after the surgery. But Dr Rani Bhat solved all the problems and she took so much initiative to treat my mum. She is recovering and regaining the health now. Dr Rani Bhat is a fabulous personality. Her humble, simple and loving nature will give enough relief to the patients. We are so grateful and thankful to our doctor for her dedicated service to the patients especially to my mum.


“There comes the angel in our life’s Dr Rani who saved my life rather than my mother. Feb 14 2014 was the day our entire family shattered shocked my mom was diagnosed with ovarian tumor. we initially consulted Mysore specialist and they told nothing serious they will just remove tumor. After operation they told us its quite spread and bad. We felt something not good here and some how we came across our angel Dr Rani. She explained each and everything and what needs to be done further. My mom was scared hearing that the operation would take very long but it was our angel who promised my mom the operation will be a success. As per her words operation went successful and My mom is doing fantastic now. Seriously she is an angel sent by God for us. Her charm, magnificent persona will make any person lively again. I truly suggest for all gynecological issues please go to her. Thanks doctor you have not only given life to my mother, you have given my life back too.”

Mrs. Thejaswini, Mysore

Dear Dr.Rani Bhat Madam:

You had been very helpful to me. Whenever we call you, you never felt that we are disturbing you. Before the operation I was very scared but you told don`t worry every thing will be all right. And you told that after the operation your report would be positive. Doctor you are a God`s gift. We have come across many doctors but you are the only Doctor I like.

When I was suffering from great pain in my stomach, I thought that was a small pain. But on 13th Feb 2014 I went to one of the gynecologists, she told it was cancer. I was really shocked. The small steps can become huge steps. My entire family was tensed. After we came to you on 18th Feb 2014, you explained that each & every thing like a mother. It could be cure. Pray to God. Think positively. Every thing is possible.

As per PET Scan report Ovary cancer, but after the Biopsy test only can be know whether cancer or not. You told me as per my knowledge 99% it was not a cancer. That words really I felt Dr. Rani Bhat is not only a Doctor she is an angle for me. When I was going to operation theater also you were with me and gave me a lot of positive support. I never forget that time, I decided that I should not have any fear because Doctor Rani Bhat is there & there was nothing to worry about it.

Operation went successfully on 26th Feb 2014. Dr. Rani Bhat madam told we have not removed that Ovary but we remove the tumor only. We will see the Biopsy report may be good report will come for you. As per Dr. Rani Bhat madam words, I got good report of biopsy test, as there is no cancer. Now I am very happy with good health.

I believe in God. God has given power to Dr.Rani Bhat Madam to do all the successful operations will save all the patients.You are a really gods gift to save patients in this world.I would like to say a big thanks to you madam.


I was detected with endometrial cancer in the month of April 2013. We did not know our next step. With the help of a family friend we landed at HCG. Here I met Dr. Rani (my gynecological oncologist). To me she was and is still God’s messenger. I was completely broken and devastated. Dr. Rani asked me to think positive and live the rest to her. My surgery went very well. It was a laparoscopic surgery and was sent home on the 3rd day. Then came the most difficult phase – Chemotherapy and Radiation. Dr. Rani worked with radiation and medical oncologist for the course of my treatment. She was always a phone call away during my treatment. Today my course of treatment is over and I have to undergo my regular check-ups. Without Dr. Rani’s psychological support I don’t’ think I would have been able to complete my treatment.

Mrs. T, Bangalore

Hi Rani, i wanted to say a big THANKS to you for all the treatment you provided for my mum. I greatly appreciate your patience and friendliness you have at your patients.

For anyone, I strongly recommend Dr. Rani for any Gynaecology issues. My Mum received best care and very good treatment under Dr. Rani.

My Mum was going thru benign Mucinous Cystadenoma, all my family was in dilemma as we did not know any good doctor to care for my mum. Luckily we came across Dr. Rani, she is such a nice Doctor, she gives lot of time for her patients to explain all their problems and the way Dr. Rani receives her patients is really good. Any patient would feel comfortable and confident with her friendliness.T he great thing was my mum never had any communication problem with Dr Rani :).

My Mum went thru very smooth surgery under Dr. Rani. I felt something unique here, here things does not work the way like how it happens with other doctors. If you are waiting on a report (biopsy report or blood work report), the Dr. Rani calls you directly and she would explain you the results instead of any assistant would call us.

And before she would give you any treatment she would explain you everything why, what..etc. I never have seen a doctor who would explain all these things to a patient. My Mum is with good health now and she goes to Dr. Rani for regular check up’s. Thanks to you Rani for all the treatment you provided.

Anu P
I absolutely LOVE Dr.Rani! She’s such a gem of a person and is someone I’ll look up for the rest of my life! I’m really fortunate to have encountered someone as speacial as her. My grandmother was diagnosed with an endometrial carcinoma Stage 1B and I wanted to give her the best treatment and after having carefully looked through all options, I was sure that I wanted her to be treated under Dr.Rani Bhat because she’d recieved such amazing, positive reviews that it lifted my spirits already and reassured me of the fact that my grandmother is in safe hands. And Dr.Rani lived up to beyond our expectations….Her calm demeanour, elegance, experience, compassion and patience are qualities you’d probably never find in any doctor who’s as busy as her! Despite being super busy and having tons of responsibilities, she ALWAYS ensures that her patients and their family are treated with care and compassion and given a detailed overview and explanation of the diagnosis and available options for treatment. I’m extremely grateful to her for everything she’s done!

I can’t reiterate how much I ADORE Dr.Rani!! Gosh, she’s really one in a zillion!

(If you’re reading this Dr.Rani, I just want you to know that you’ve been such a positive influence and inspiration….. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for so long but just didn’t find the right occasion….You’re one of those few people who walk into people’s lives and live in their hearts for a lifetime! Thank you so much for everything!)

I wish Dr.Rani all the success, love and happiness in the world! Bless you!!

Lots of love ??

Swetha Kannan

Dr Rani Bhat is one of the best doctors I have met. Her calm demeanour and positive attitude inspires confidence in her patients. She has excellent professional knowledge and an inherent ability to treat her patients in a humane and dignified manner. I am really fortunate to have her as my surgeon.

Nandini Sinha

During May ’17 I was diagnosed with ovarian tumour and was referred to an angel- Dr. Rani Bhat. I met her and immediately something inside me was extremely sure that finally I have landed at the right place after suffering days of mental trauma and being mercilessly treated by the so called best/elite doctors of India.

An extremely kind, mature, empathetic and thorough person who knows her subject and profession to the core. She did not just discuss about the ailment, possible options and the further course of action, but was also there as the biggest emotional support throughout; and for me that’s was the biggest need of the hour at that point in time

She suggested an immediate surgery and discussed the further course of action in detail. She also assured me that the disease is completely curable and all I need is to be strong as an individual.

The surgery was successful and then started the post recovery, which is still on -going as I write this. I must admit that Dr. Rani was available 24X7; anytime I needed her during the post-operative period and is so involved. To add further, she is still so reachable whenever I need her for any issues/queries.

In the end I would only say that Dr. Rani Bhat is a God’s gift to mankind. In this era where money precedes everything she sets very high standards of professionalism and humanity, I wish her all the strength and happiness in life. May God Bless her!

Esha Juneja

Rani Ma’am came has a messenger of God in my life. She removed fibroids weighing more than 600gms from my body by the use of Robotic Surgery. I have no words to express the pre and post operative care that ma’am and her team rendered to me. I flew down from Delhi to HCG Bangalore and after getting operated by Rani ma’am, I think it was the wisest decision taken by me to get treated by Rani ma’am and her team.

Rani ma’am you and your team is an asset to our society today. I wish you all the success in life. India needs many more like you, ma’am. May god bless you always.

Kamalika Bhattacharjee

I am very thankful to Dr. Rani Bhat for giving me the courage to undergo major surgery at my age. I was diagnosed with very big fibroids and a cyst in my ovary. There was a probability of it being cancerous also. I was very scared. I visited many doctors. Then my daughter found Dr. Rani on the Internet and advised me to see her. When I went to see Dr. Rani, she spoke to my husband and me for almost an hour and answered all our questions. I felt at ease and most of my anxiety vanished after seeing her. She is a very kind and warm person. She did my surgery and it went off very well. After my discharge from the hospital she called me up for a follow up. I was so surprised as I have never come across a doctor who calls up their patients to check on them. She treats her patients like family. She is always happy to answer any queries I have big or small. Last but not the least my 8 yr old grandson is a big fan of her. He personally went to meet the doctor to thank her.

Sneh Prabha Gupta

“In this age where money precedes care, you and your team have set up an example that care always comes first”. My mum is a patient of Dr. Rani Bhat undertaking treatment for carcinoma ovary. We were in depression when we came to know that she had cancer. But Dr. Rani Bhat convinced and consoled us. My mum underwent a HIPEC surgery of 9 hours under Dr. Rani Bhat. My mom has recovered well under her care. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your fantastic care of my mum and whole family. Your quality and integrity as a surgeon and, more fundamentally, as a person, shine through.”

Ms. Anitha

Dr. Rani is my true Guardian Angel for over 2 years now. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and Dr. Rani was my surgeon. I thank God I had her as my doctor she’s really amazing, kind, and professional. She performed surgery on me and everything went extremely well. There are no words to describe her demeanor with her patients. There is no one who measures up to her professionalism, or to the care and comfort she offers to her patients. She is what a doctor should be! “Highly recommend her”

Prakashamma, Kerala

My Mother’s annual health check-up revealed few ovarian cysts looking like cancer .We went through state of shock and dismay. Immediately we searched the internet for a gynaecologic oncologists in Bangalore and we are lucky that we found Dr. Rani Bhat. We booked an appointment with her with lots of apprehensions and fears about our mother’s condition. The moment we entered into her room, she welcomed us with her trademark smile and introduced herself. She has gone through my mother’s CT scan reports and explained us everything clearly. She almost confirmed that it’s a stage 3 ovarian cancer but suggested few more scan. That day, We came out of the room with a confidence that my mother will be in safe hands and she will get best possible treatment for her cancer.

After biopsy and PET-CT scan it was fully confirmed that it was Stage 3 ovarian cancer, Dr. Rani referred us to a medical oncologist for chemo therapy and said she would operate to take out all the cancer in the body (it was spread to ovaries, fallopian tubes and other parts in peritoneum).

Before the surgery she clearly explained the procedure to my mother and tried her best to keep my mom positive about the outcome. She made sure everybody in the family is well aware of the surgery procedure and comfortable with it. Thanks to Dr. Rani’s pleasant smile and little pep talks, my mother was always in good spirits before the surgery. It was 8 hours surgery and she gave us regular updates from the operation theatre. Surgery was successful, as all the visible cancer in the body had been removed.

Even after the surgery, She took great care of her. My mom was totally blown away by her care and love.

The day my mother was discharged from the hospital, she called in the late night to check whether we reached home safely. We were touched by her sweet gesture that day. She was always just a phone call away. She used to answer all our questions in the phone very patiently.

My mother has so much praise for her, she keeps thanking Dr.Rani every day for the care and love shown by her. Along the treacherous journey through cancer, Dr.Rani was with us at every step of that journey and we couldn’t thank her enough for that.

Thank you very much Dr Rani, you are a rare combination of a thorough professional, and caring and passionate individual.

I wish everybody good health, but in case of a stroke of a bad luck, I wish they get treated by a doctor like Dr.Rani Bhat.

Sandya Sheri

Quick journey towards hope and health…

With crossed fingers we were heading towards the hospital to get the reports of my mom. Unfortunately, things were not favoring us and my mother was diagnosed with endometrial uterine carcinoma. That was when we were directed to Dr. Rani Bhat. We had totally lost hopes that mom could be completely cured before meeting her. The day came when we actually met her. There was some vibrant energy that surrounded us after speaking to her and she gave full confidence that my mom can be completely cured. It was like we regained half of our lives back. Surgery went on well with Doctor’s healing hand. There are no words to thank her for bringing our lives to normal yet being humble. She took very good care of my mom pre and post surgery. She explained the surgery in detail to my mom and us and checked on her as often as she could. She took personal care of my mother. Today if I’m able to write this blog with tears of joy, all the credits to the Doctor. She is the best onco gynecologist I would recommend.

Jayanthi Ashok

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Rani Bhat. Falling ill to me meant only visiting doctor’s clinic in a year may be for a cold/fever nothing more than that and never experienced hospitalization. One fine evening I end up getting hospitalized for a gynaec condition and after further investigation I was diagnosed with Ovarian tumor and underwent laparotomy and that doesn’t end there. There was more waiting for me and I finally ended up meeting Dr. Rani Bhat in a topsy turvy state for my second surgery. I am amazed at the excellent care and humanity that she offered to me from our first meeting, before, during and post my laparoscopic surgery for Ovarian Stage 1A diagnosis. She treated me with kindness, concern and consideration during my hospitalization. She visited me when I got admitted for the surgery and explained the entire procedure in detail with the pros and cons, patiently clarifying all my doubts no matter how silly or complicated they were and continues addressing my concerns and worries till date. If I am recovered well enough to write this testimony after undergoing 2 surgeries in a month then the credit goes to God for His Goodness, mercy and healing and Dr. Rani’s consistent outstanding treatment, empathy, spiritual guidance, motivation and vision for a promising beautiful future. I am completely healed and very grateful to God and Dr. Rani you will always remain an angel and eternal blessing from God to me. If any of you suffer from any gynaecological/oncology related gynaecological problems then I would highly recommend you visit Dr. Rani. The first doctor that I have ever had who concentrates on wellness of the body, mind and soul of the patient under her care, the first doctor always on her toes to go out of her way for her patients. She’s always available over phone calls and immediate response to SMS as well at any hour. I already feel wonderful about my recovery though it’s been just 10days.On the day of my discharge she stands at my room door ready to greet me with a broad smile, flower bouquet and a box of jujubes and I only managed to smile holding back my tears of joy. Thank You and God Bless you Dr.Rani.

Happy Feet

Dr. Rani in few words – Fiercely independent, eternally spiritual, passionate to walk an extra mile for her patients.

We have seen many doctors and very rarely you come across someone like Dr. Rani who helps her patients to accomplish their very purpose in life.

At the time when I was going through this turmoil fighting battle against this dreaded disease we consulted many doctors (including the ones in US) who hardly gave us a rare hope in terms of sparing my ovaries.

Dr. Rani with her expertise in the Ovarian Tumors reviewed the entire set of reports and told that it was curable and was also able to spare one of ovaries and also provided ray of hope for our way ahead.

At every step of treatment and even after surgery she always stood by us like an angel just to ensure that I recover from this dreaded disease.

I would always remain grateful for her continued support and care…

Thank You Dr. Rani…

Mrs. S, Bangalore