Dermoid Tumor

A dermoid cyst is a cyst development in the ovary; in this type of cyst in addition to fluid there can also be other tissues such as skin, hair, teeth and seat glands.

What are the causes?

Exact cause is not known.

What are the symptoms of dermoid cyst?

Most of the times they do not cause any symptoms, it could be accidentally picked up on ultrasound. But, sometimes if the ovarian cyst is big it can symptoms such as

  • Lower tummy pain or discomfort
  • Pain during periods
  • Pain during sex
  • Can have pressure on bladder and you may have feeling like you want to pass urine frequently.
  • Tummy looks swollen; sometimes you can feel the lump in the tummy.
  • Rarely you can have severe pain and vomiting, this can happen when the ovary twists on itself. This may require urgent medical treatment.
What test will be required for diagnosis?
  • Doctor would do physical examination (feeling the tummy and may do internal examination) to see if they can feel the cyst.
  • You would be advised an ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Sometimes, CT or an MRI scan may be required.
What are the treatment options available?
  • When you have been diagnosed with dermoid cysts you doctor will generally advise surgery to remove the cyst. This cyst doesn’t disappear with time or with any medicine.