Fallopian Tube Cyst

The fallopian tubes are tubular structure, which transports the egg from the ovaries to the uterus.  When there is fluid collection in the fallopian tube it is known as fallopian tube cyst.

What are the causes?
  • It could be due to infection
  • After tubal ligation
  • Sometimes it can happen after some pelvic surgery
What are the symptoms?

Majority of the times they are asymptomatic and accidently diagnosed while doing ultrasound.

What tests will be required for diagnosis?
  • Physical examination by your doctor
  • Ultrasound scan
  • Ct / MRI scan may be required
What are the treatment options available?

Since majority of them are asymptomatic, this doesn’t require any treatment. In some rare situations where the cyst is large then you may need surgery to remove the cyst.