Hydrosalpinx / Pyosalpinx

Hydrosalpinx means fluid filled in the fallopian tubes and pyosalpinx means pus filled in the fallopian tube. Fallopian tubes are thin tubes present on either side of the womb, which transports the egg from the ovaries to the uterus. For some reasos if the tubes get blocked at the tip then fluid will get collected in the tube and forms hydrosalpinx. If there has been infection then pus can be filled in the fallopian tube and form pyosalpinx. Both of these conditions can lead to infertility.

What are the causes?
  • Generally it is caused my infection, previous surgery and sometimes endometriosis (where the lining of the womb is seen out side the womb).
What are the symptoms?
  • Generally they are asymptomatic, but this can lead to infertility, so you may find difficult to conceive.
  • Sometimes it may cause pain in the lower tummy
  • Rarely you can have vaginal discharge; sometimes there can be gush of fluid coming from the vagina.
What test will be required for diagnosis?
  • Physical examination
  • Ultrasound scan (USG)
  • Hysterosalpingogram: here doctor will inject special fluid into your womb and take an X-ray
  • Laparoscopy: here a small telescope will be passed into your tummy to look at the tubes and a special dye will be injected into your womb to see if there will be spillage into the tummy.
What are the treatment options available?
  • If fertility is an issue then you may need surgery, also need infertility specialist.
  • Antibiotics: if you have pelvic inflammatory disease then antibiotics are given as treatment.