Five Common Cancer Myths Debunked

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Yes, you can indeed reduce your chances of getting cancer through healthy living choices. There are more than 100 types of cancers and some of the malignancies happen due to lifestyle changes.

Though everyone must understand the cause of various cancers, their prevention methods, and the available treatments, it is equally vital for people to be aware of the common misconceptions that lead to misinformation, unnecessary worries as well as delay in proper treatments.

So, here we are debunking some common myths around cancer for you.

Myth#1 – Do underarm antiperspirants or deodorants lead to breast cancer?

Fact - There is no scientific evidence for the connection between breast cancer and the use of antiperspirants or deodorants.


This is a persistent rumor we have been hearing about underarm antiperspirants for a long time. But no clinical studies so far have proved this myth.

Though some studies suggest that products that contain harmful chemical substances such as aluminum and parabens can get absorbed through the breast cells or shaving nicks and cuts into the lymph nodes and increase the risk of cancer. Yet, researchers have found no solid evidence to support this citation.

If you are anxious and don't want to take any chances, then switch to antiperspirants and deodorants that are chemical-free.

Myth#2 – Does microwave food in plastic containers and wraps cause cancer?

Fact - Using a microwave to heat food has no links with cancer. Microwave just like other radiations is a high-frequency radio wave that easily gets absorbed in the food and gets converted into heat.


It is always important to use microwave-safe containers to heat food. Studies suggest that using plastic containers that aren’t labeled as microwave safe can melt and mix the harmful chemicals with the food making it unsafe to consume. Make sure to check if the container you use to microwave food is labeled as microwave safe.

Myth #3 – Will eating sugar make my cancer cells grow?

Fact - Researchers are still investigating the link between sugar and cancer. Cancer cells just like other cells require glucose to survive. It was thought that since cancer cells grow fast, they require more energy so cutting down sugar will make these cells starve and stop growing.

Technically, there is no proof for this myth that high sugar can lead to fast multiplication of cells, and depriving the body of sugar can stop cancer growth.

Nonetheless, some evidence denotes that the consumption of large amounts of sugar can increase your body weight, obesity, and diabetes, which again enhances one's risk of Endometrial and Breast Cancer.

Myth #4 – Can cancer spread from one person to another?

Fact - Cancer is not contagious and doesn't spread through air or touch. So, there is no need to avoid touching or being near anyone with cancer.

Cancer patients need support and love from others around them. Let this myth not refrain anyone from lending that, much required to support a cancer patient's needs.

Your support could make cancer patients cancer winners.

Myth #5 – Does the use of hair dye cause cancer?

Fact – While this remains an unanswered question to date, there is no strong scientific evidence to state that personal hair dye use increases the risk of cancer. But some studies have suggested that barbers and hairstylists who have been exposed to large quantities of hair dye may be at an increased risk to develop bladder cancer.

While there are many more myths surrounding cancer, both in men and women, it is always good to speak to your doctor before worrying about it. If you notice any signs and symptoms which are abnormal, consult your doctor and seek a solution. Do not read from unauthorized publishers and panic. Live Healthily!

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