What is Gynecology?

Gynecology is a medical field related to women's health with a focus on women's reproductive system. Below are the conditions that a gynecologist can treat.

Conditions that we treat:
Molar pregnancy.jpg

The gestational trophoblastic disease is a rare complication of pregnancy in which cells (trophoblasts) feed the embryo and develop into the placenta grow abnormally into a mass or tumor.

You need an expert gynecological oncologist to diagnose and treat you for this condition. To know more about symptoms, signs, and treatment. Read more


Postmenopausal bleeding is bleeding per vagina after you have attained menopause and this needs to be checked out by a doctor. Most of the time the cause will be something very simple as vaginal dryness and can be as dreaded as cancer. To know more about PMS symptoms and treatment Read more