Myths and facts about endometriosis

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Myths and facts about endometriosis

Myth: Endometriosis can be easily diagnosed.

Fact: Endometriosis is not an easy diagnosis. In fact, endometriosis can be confused with other gynecological conditions.  Gold standard for diagnosis of endometriosis is surgery.

Myth: Endometriosis always manifests itself with bothersome symptoms.

Fact: Not all women with endometriosis will have severe symptoms.

Myth: Endometriosis prevents women from conceiving.

Fact: Around thirty percent of women suffering from endometriosis struggle to get pregnant. Proper management of endometriosis generally increases the chances of conception.

Myth: Endometriosis can be cured by pregnancy.

Fact: Pregnancy may also control endometriosis symptoms to some extent but it is temporary.

Myth: There is no treatment for endometriosis.

Fact: Endometriosis is easily treatable. There are two main modes of treatment medical and surgical management.

Myth: Hysterectomy cures endometriosis.

Fact: Simple hysterectomy will not cure endometriosis. Endometriosis depends on hormones coming from ovary, hence removing of ovaries can cure endometriosis.

Myth: There are no complementary treatments for endometriosis.

Fact: Complementary treatment such as yoga, acupuncture, naturopathy, and herbal medications may help patients but there is no strong evidence to suggest its role.

Myth: Women suffering from endometriosis should not exercise.

Fact: Regularly exercising can actually help you cope better with endometriosis. However, make sure to choose a regime that causes no pain.

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