Endometrial Cancer

Q & A with Dr. Rani Bhat

Are you at risk of developing endometrial cancer?

Endometrial Cancer Treatment in Bangalore | Dr Rani Bhat

What is endometrial cancer?

  1. Cancer developing from the inner lining of the womb (endometrium) is known as endometrial cancer.

What are the risk factors?

There are several factors that influences the risk of developing endometrial cancer. Remember although some factors may increase your risk, they do not always cause cancer. Some women with endometrial cancer may not have any risk factors. If you have any of the below risk factors, consult doctor for advise. Risk increases:

  1. If you are taking estrogen (HRT) after menopause

  2. Have used birth control pills continuously

  3. If you have been taking or have taken tamoxifen (used in the treatment of breast cancer)

  4. If you started your first period at very early age & have had late menopause

  5. Obesity increases chances of endometrial cancer

  6. If you have certain ovarian tumors (hormone producing tumor)

  7. If you have or had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

  8. If you are diabetic

  9. If you have family history (having close relatives with endometrial or colorectal cancer)

  10. If you having been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer in the past or had endometrial hyperplasia in the past

  11. If in the past, if you have had treatment with radiation therapy to the pelvis to treat another cancer

Endometrial Cancer Treatment in Bangalore| Rani Bhat

  1. Best & proven way of prevention is to maintain a healthy weight

  2. Be physically active. Active lifestyle can help you to maintain healthy weight & also lowers the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes (both of them are again risk factor for endometrial cancer). So, stay physically fit.

  3. If you need to take hormonal pills discuss pros and cons of this therapy with your doctor.

  4. If you have any endometrial issues, get it treated.

  5. Talk to your doctor if you have any family history of cancers.

“Stay physically active and prevent your risk of endometrial cancer”

Endometrial Cancer Treatment in Bangalore| Rani Bhat
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